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Muy Interactive is a San Diego, CA based independent game company created in 2010 with a focus on mobile gaming.

As game creators, we explore the ever expanding capabilities of mobile devices both as a gaming platform and a game design paradigm. From augmented reality to intuitive touch and gesture based controls, we believe the hand held device is a great step on our journey to find original gaming experiences.

As app and software developers, we’ve embraced a componentized approach. Clean, efficient and scalable, our software is designed to be compatible with existing frameworks and easily expanded to meet the demands of new devices, operating systems and hardware advancements.

Muy Interactive | San Diego

As a team, we work with you to create the best possible gaming or app experience. We'll usher ideas from concept to completion smartly and effectively.  From designers and programmers to producers and artists, our network of developers share between them decades of experience in the creation of AAA quality games and apps across all major platforms.

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Muy Interactive | Chris Perry

Founder, Chris Perry 

is a software engineer with over 24 years of professional experience in the games industry and has lead many teams in the development and release of top selling AAA credited titles. Chris has a deep and abiding love for visual effects, simplicity, and games.

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